Energy Oil Paintings

Farid M Khattab

artist painter healer


I started my journey in October 1950, or in other words it was started for me, then I had no clue about anything except being hungry and clean, otherwise I cry which is calling for food or to be cleaned, a normal baby as all babies.

As years went by I learned a lot, as a child I learned horse riding, now when I think about it, it was an amazing feat as how can a 5 year old child get on a horse, but I did it, and remember galloping with the horse as long as I wanted in the midst of a 5 acre garden.

Later went to school where I even learned more and made friendships that are still alive to this day. The extent of the memory doesn’t get the times from baby to 4 and I am sure my parents and grandparents and aunts and uncles taught me a lot but I was too young to remember.

Regarding swimming all I remember that I was a swimmer and don’t remember who taught me probably my father taught me swimming the same way he taught me horse riding whom I have lost at the age of 7.

In first grade I remember being taught how to make a pouch from wool yarn and in grade 6 worked with clay and created beautiful figurines which I wish I would have taken with me at the end of that year, the teacher asked me to take them, but I had so much confidence in my artistic abilities and told the teacher to leave them in school for others to see my work, amazing at that age of ten that I was thinking that way but that what actually happened.

Later in grades 7, 8 and 9 I learned tennis and played for an hour every school day for 3 years, here 2 incidents are very vivid in my memory, the first when I hit the ball in a way that it crossed the net and swerved back to my side without the other player touching it, the second incident when I was hitting the ball back I easily did a somersault and landed on my feet, how I did that I have no clue.

Then I remember my teen years and the girls I loved and the Beatles and Tom Jones and Adamo and a lot more.

Later I joined the faculty of engineering then chemical engineering in total 5 years of university and really had great times.

Then once graduated with a B.Sc. I Immigrated to Canada and lived in Toronto for 3 years then lived in Chatham and Sarnia and finally London where I joined the university for 1 year then I came back to Cairo Egypt where I worked for one of the largest multinational chemical companies for 10 years. During those ten years I got married and had my son, later got a divorce and had my own business as a commercial agency for foreign companies.

I studied piano for 2 years and learned how to write sheet music to my compositions, however because of lack of practice I don't write it now.

Later in year 2000 I went to the States for 10 years where I got married again and had my little baby girl, then again got a divorce and returned to Cairo Egypt to take care of my mother as she was getting older and needed my presence.

Being in Cairo allowed me the time to learn more about art and jewelry where I had nice jewelry designs and some will be in the site. Painting was in me until it came out a few years back where I paint with oil and what I draw is abstract art, here you will find more than 800 paintings and the number is growing.

I have traveled to many countries, England, France, Greece, Holland, Italy, Turkey, Montenegro, and Thailand. 

I am the author of two books 
        How to Raise a Super Kid 
        S.H.E. Self Healing Energy
both books are available at amazon and similar sites.

My paintings can be read from all directions and angles and even you can make several paintings from each one and still they stand on their own as a painting.

All my paintings have energy healing within them and the energy of tranquility, just by looking at the painting you will feel better and be in peace. I have learned about energy balance energy healing from my friend Vince Kubilus in Redondo Beach California in the year 2001, energy healing had a great  impact on me and my family regarding our health and managed to help my mom cure cancer and many more cases of cancer of other people were treated successfully as well as some syndromes and many other diseases were treated successfully.

Energy balance was just the start, and later my abilities have developed more and I could do remote healing, and energy transfer, more about healing and energy transfer from the menu.

I have treated animals and plants and space as well with energy balance. I also offer a course for learning energy balance healing method and offer energy jewelry for healing and energy transfer. The bottom line with energy is using the sub-conscious as our minds are equipped for that but the majority of people don’t realize this truth, all you need is just to start connecting with your subconscious and miracles will happen.
From all what I have been though in my life since birth I am able to use my paintbrush to make people happy and well by the artistic talent as well as the healing.

I realize it is a short biography and a long about but I just want you to know who I am and where I come from, and what is behind all the products I offer here. 

Farid M Khattab

artist painter healer
Farid Khattab at work
Farid Khattab at work
Farid Khattab at painting
looking at the camera
Farid Khattab at painting
Farid Khattab and motorcycle
me and my motorcycle
Farid Khattab 1972
me 1972