Energy Oil Paintings
Farid Khattab painter and energy healer
with energy balance many products can be made to meet what people want for themselves and their families for better health and better life.

Tools Used for making the site

I have used many programs to make and publish the site
The operating system is windows 8.1, and used microsoft office 2007, word and excel.
You can easily find those programs by searching for them on google for example.
Browsers used to test were google chrome and firefox
The very good software for building a site is open element which is a fantastic software and I thank them very much for the software and their support, the program is free
So far the site has 12000 files out of which 10000 are images and it was handled very well by open element, more than 2 gega in total size
Uploading the files, I used filezilla which is a free program and quite good
Another useful tool is Quick Text Paste for creating short cuts for multiple pasting of text, also free
I used adobe photoshop cs2 for handling the images of my paintings, the images were more than 9000 images so far.