Energy Oil Paintings

Farid M Khattab

artist painter healer

Weight Loss Energy Photo

The weight loss energy photo has the energy to curb your appetite in a healthy manner. This eliminates eating out of habit and stops eating without a need for eating.

It has the energy of herbs that curbs the appetite.

It has been used by many clients and the results are very good and weight have been lost.

The aim of this product is to lose weight in a healthy manner and in an appropriate way for you.

The more important goal is to acquire a healthy eating system so you don't put on more weight.

Please keep in mind that for results to be noticeable it could take about six months and remember you are acquiring a healthy eating system not just losing weight.
The price for this energy photo is U$150 - one hundred and fifty US Dollars - Free delivery to your address by courrier service.
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Weight Loss Energy Photo
weight loss energy photo
actual size is about
width 3.5cm x height 4cm